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Search engines look for the money
Dec 12 2011: In an attempt to recoup losses after years of little or no profit, search companies are making business partnerships that affect the results from their products.

US advisor calls for second, more secure, Internet
Dec 12 2011: The US National Security Council’s national coordinator, Richard Clarke, recently called for a second Internet to prevent terrorism and improve security, but there is a problem—no anonymity.

How to hold on to your staff
Dec 12 2011: Many companies find it tough to compete with today’s free market for IT professionals, but steps can be taken to hold on to employees.

Where is P2P going anyway?
Dec 11 2011: Peer-to-peer network services have received much hype in the media recently, but the outlook for the future is uncertain. Find out more about P2P ivf lending.

German portal to keep investors informed
Dec 11 2011: German stock exchange information provider Deutsche Börse Group is to provide a new Internet portal next year.

Data sharing standard worries privacy groups
Dec 11 2011: A new customer profiling standard, Customer Profile Exchange (CPExchange), will make it easier for companies to swap large amounts of data over the Web.

Website leaves customer accounts vulnerable
Dec 08 2011: The financial services website has a security weakness which leaves its accounts and information open to the threat of hackers.

Email used to search for data
Dec 08 2011: The growth of various information management resources may be on the increase for knowledge workers and often they are hard to find and use, but email may yet be the solution.

Search engine tackles corporate solutions
Dec 08 2011: The search engine Northern Light has released a new enterprise information portal called SinglePoint, which is designed to cater for corporate information overload.

Marketing software threatens data security
Dec 07 2011: New software designed to provide Internet marketers with more personal data about their target audience is a cause for concern with corporate network administrators.

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